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Climbing Back Up

I knew last night that the season started today, but when I sat down to play tonight, I had completely forgotten about it.  I was nervous again.  I don’t normally have what I’ve seen referred to on Screddit as Ladder Anxiety, but throw some consequences on a game and I get all jittery.  The game went well and I placed Silver.  It was really just a straight game vs. Terran, with the only weird thing being my opponent’s large group of reapers.  Freaked me out for a bit, but I had popped his wall off already and had lings and mutas taking down his base, so I just kept at it and took him down.

For the placement game, and the rest I played tonight, I was simply trying to focus on spending my minerals.  In a comment on yesterday’s blog, Joakim (the swedish dude with good advice) said I was focusing on my little “tricks” too much and instead should just be spending my minerals constantly.   The comment really stuck with me, and reminded me a lot of Razer’s advice.  He was right and tonight that’s what I did.  Forget specific builds, forget little tricks to try and out think my opponents, instead I would just spend.  I need to know how to do this, I need to keep my minerals low.

I’d say it worked pretty well.  I had a good night, and for the most part kept my minerals a lot lower than I normally do.  It didn’t matter that I didn’t have a specific time or composition to shoot for, I had to keep myself building, teching and upgrading to get rid of those minerals. And that meant I had what I needed to win.  Usually.

I’m going to keep working on this.  I know I can improve.  I still sit on a lot of gas at the moment (heh) and I need to get rid of it.  I guess that means that once I have more than two gases going, I need to start pumping the units that use up that gas, as it can’t all be used in upgrades.

Thanks to all the well-wishers tonight.  It amazes me that Screddit is still interested in my little experiment, but it’s awesome.  I’m having a lot of fun and glad I can share it.

Goodnight and GLHR.