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Replays For Review

I decided to do a duo of replays from each race, one loss and win vs P and T, and two losses vs Z.  I feel like this will help point out my problems better, perhaps. Reviewing them myself, I see problem areas already.  In the Entombed Valley ZvZ loss, I made too many drones towards the end.  If those were roaches or lings, I perhaps would have fared better.  In the ZvP loss, I had way too few drones until a minute or two before my opponent attacked.  The shorter ZvZ is a classic case of my crappy micro, I believe.  It was also included because a redditor (Rexel) was my opponent and was adamant that I upload it to Reddit.  Hopefully this post and my cross post to StarcraftFeedback will suffice.

It is obvious too, from watching these, that I have decided on a open to use across the board- 14g 14p.  It was suggested to me by a masters player who helped a few times and I have had success with it.  I think that sticking to so much ling/bling/muta is a detriment rather than a good plan.  I thought it would help me focus on my play issues, but don’t know if it’s working.

Thought this new site might make it easier to upload, but was basically the same as simple SC2.  Hopefully it’s just as easy to download.  Could not figure out how to do a pack, so the individual links are:

ZvZ – Loss

ZvZ- Loss

ZvT- Win

ZvT- Loss

ZvP- Win

ZvP- Loss

I don’t expect any incredible revelations from this, really.  I am thinking, though, that the problem most pointed out by those who comment will be worked on for a week.  Then, I will move on to the next most suggested problem.  A sort of coaching by vote.  I’m still at a loss for why I’m stuck where I am.  It is the sum of all the little things that lead to my losses, but why I win one game, but not the next eludes me.  I feel overwhelmed with problem areas, and don’t know how to fix my game, so any suggestions are appreciated.


A Quick Update

I spent too much time on reddit post gaming, so I’m not going to do a big write up tonight.

All in all, it was a good night.  I continued to work on spending my minerals, and it’s paying off.  I did a little better in ZvZ too, although apparently I could’ve done better.  I’m still at a point where I don’t know what everything I see means, or what I should do to respond to what I know.  I suppose that just playing and playing will lead to being better at this.

One of the games, a very long one vs. a Terran, was a lot of back and forth and some of the stream watchers wanted to see the replay, so here it is.  I was surprised to see that my APM was 85 at the end of that game.  My hands weren’t though.  I’ve been forgetting to stretch, but won’t anymore after tonight’s apm heavy play.

Also, there was a request for a playlist.  I joined Spotify, thanks to a commenter’s suggestion here, and have found a crapload of dubstep.  One playlist in particular I keep listening to:  TOO Much Dubstep – Updated July 2011  Pretty much everything dubstep you’ve heard on my stream for the past week or two is from this playlist.

Time for some much needed sleep.

Goodnight and GLHR (Goodluck!  Hi Reddit!)



In all they hype I felt for Starcraft II after Monday night, I completely forgot Tuesday was my off day.  I ended up streaming for two hours, and then played some 2v2 for a bit after.  I didn’t finish until about 4am so I forwent the posting yesterday.  Tonight, I got home early and played for another four hours or so, streaming about 1.  Both nights, I felt more together and focused.  Even the games I lost, I knew what had happened and what I did wrong.  And the games I won, I won with better macro and mechanics.  It feels good to know that if I lose a bunch of units, I know I’m not done in the game and I can come back and win.  This happened a couple of times tonight.

In one game, here’s the replay, I held off a cannon rush and then held off his five gate push later.  It wasn’t exactly a tour de force, but I felt good responding as quickly as I did and being able to fend for myself in a game I felt behind in.  Looking at the replay, you can tell I pulled another Idra and GGed maybe not when I had a win, but when I wasn’t behind like I thought I was.  He pulled back to expand, and I had ample time and minerals to do the same and at least build up to hold off another attack. Other than that, I should have had a roach warren up too.  Having roaches would have helped hold off the attack and I think position me better for later in the game.

Goal wise, I was watching the minimap a lot in that game.  I saw his first push heading over and moved my lings and banes to attack.  I didn’t, however, retake the watchtower after that ling had died.  This would have let me see the next attack coming sooner.  Control grouping my army, though, was done throughout the game.  This is something that’s taken a lot of focus to get down (especially using the eggs and ctrl-clicking them to not add larvae to my control groups), and it feels really good to finally be getting it right.  Moving that group to hold off his first attack, for instance, was a lot quicker with a control group up, instead of boxing and telling to attack.  On setting up my bases, I feel really good.  I didn’t oversaturate in this game (something I’ve done in others).  I still have a bad habit of pulling one drone to make the gas, instead of boxing them and shift building, even when I do two.  That’s something I will be working on.

The only changes to tomorrow’s goals are dropping watching the minimap (not stopping doing it, but it’s something I’m doing consistently and can move on from) and returning to using all of my available larvae as soon as it pops.  I’ve lost focus on this and it’s very obvious in my late game.

As a little update, I finally ordered a desk and chair and it will be here Friday.  I’m looking forward to having a better playing position, as my hand is beginning to hurt or feel rubbery after hours of play.  Stretching helps a lot, but leaning back in a recliner with my keyboard in my lap is not good for my arms.  It also makes hitting control and 1 awkward and slow.

Until tomorrow, GLHF.

First Day of Ladder Play

I had a few issues with the stream tonight.  For some reason, the updated version of Xsplit doesn’t start into the last settings that I had it on.  So when I had to restart it, it didn’t do anything at all.  The next time I restarted it, it started without video and the stream watchers were treated to just a black screen and audio.  Sorry about that.  As luck would have it, the game that wasn’t recorded at all was a fifty-four minute game vs. a Terran that I won.  I was proud of the game and was disappointed it wasn’t recorded.  I do have the replay, so here that one is- replay.  I deleted the black screen video, the other two that actually worked can be found here.

I started tonight with less of a build and more of general plan.  Build, build, build, and keep my minerals low.  I didn’t stick to the plan all the time (I know my minerals hit 1k a few times), but I was trying.  And I was having fun with it, trying different supply points to build different structures.  It didn’t work very well, but I was at least learning what not to do. In the first few games, I kept attacking early and losing my initial units.  I was then in a bad place when my opponent counter attacked.

After yesterday’s matches, a big piece of advice I was given was to wait for the initial push of my opponent.  This gives me time to build, get a good base of units and get supply up.  If I defeat the push, I should then attack.  If I survive only barely, I should keep building and switch up what units I have depending on what I’ve scouted and what they hit me with.  Tonight, I for some reason kept attacking.  Even if I didn’t have enough units, I still wanted to attack.  If I was attacked, I would send the units I was making one by one to their death.  Big mistake.  I guess I get impatient, but I will work on this more.  This does make scouting even more important, I’ve been told it is a big part of Zerg play anyway, but it seems like a good plan.  I will try to keep this in mind tomorrow, and not attack all the time.

Looking back over the replay of the long game vs. Terran, I think that I did the wait and build without even thinking about it.  If I had attacked with the force I had after I repealed the second push (I had a number of roaches left), I think I could have won the game right there.  What took so long on that game was that he had Planetary Fortresses.  My roaches would die quickly to those, and so it took a lot longer to clean up the game.  And I know he thought it was funny to make me keep chasing him.  I would have thought so too, if I hadn’t kept thinking he was playing some masterful game and almost ready to come and kill me.

All in all a good day of ladder play.  I had fun, won one (I’m not counting the guy who had lag and didn’t stay past about 5 minutes), lost four and learned a lot.  I’m really liking being able to just play games.  It is really addictive too.  I’m off tomorrow and already wondering how many games I can play.

Goodnight and GLHF.