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I start my holiday vacation with family today.  And while I thought I would be able to continue playing without anyone being the wiser, it is not going to work out like that.  So, I won’t be able to play until Saturday night.   I have a few days off after that, so I will be trying to marathon my hours Sunday and Monday, but I will keep up with my reading and watching Starcraft while I’m up North.  I hope it’s sufficient.  I will try to post blog posts while I’m doing this, showing what I’ve been watching/learning.

MLG was once again awesome.  I spent most of yesterday watching the matches available, paying most attention to Leenock’s games.  I have to say, he’s pretty great.  I was impressed at how good his early game pressure is.  It seemed that no matter how much he kept pressing on his 0pponent, he didn’t fall too far behind in drones.  And that drone split!  I got nerdchills. I will be on the lookout for more of his games.

And now I have to start with the driving.  Goodnight and GLHR.


One Thing Leads To Another

Yesterday was yet another dismal day of poor play and okay scouting.  I started off the day by watching Day9’s new mental checklist daily.  I tried doing the exercises along with him, and practiced for a bit, but when I went into a game, I felt off somehow.  Like I was confused as to what I was doing because of all of the separate things I was trying to focus on.  I kind of feel like I was trying to play someone else’s way, or worrying about how I do what I normally do.  I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I was flustered as hell in the first couple of games.  When I made an effort to scout, and just scout, I was fine.  I may not have won many of the games, but I did know what was coming and what my opponent was doing.  Some glaring errors of unit composition ruined what otherwise would have been good games, I think.  But it wasn’t until today that I hit a stride with the scouting.

Today went a lot better.  Something strange happened as I got better at the scouting: I suddenly had plenty of time to drone.  For example, after seeing only 5 stalkers and a few sentries, I knew I could use a round of larvae to populate my third.  I think I also took thirds and fourths (even a fifth!) much quicker than usual because of this.  My macro slipped a bit, as I was not used to having so many minerals so early, but that’s fine with me for now.  I didn’t keep the scouting up perfectly, by any means, but simply throwing some overlords, overseers, and lings at their bases and checking for expansions kept me apprised of what was going on.  I did do some attacking, using mutas as a mix of harass/scout in the mid game when it became difficult to sneak a peek with my other units.  Also, along with the droning I had time to do, I made it a point to spread creep wide and far and keep control of the Xel’naga towers in most of the games.  I guess it was just one of those days where everything comes together.

It sucks that I have to work all weekend, MLG Orlando sounds like it’s another great tournament.  I’m going to try to catch as much as possible on the VODS, but it just isn’t the same as live.

Tomorrow, more scouting, scouting, scouting.  Goodnight and GLHR.


There’s This Joke…

About conjoined twin brothers, who share an asshole, and one of them is gay and the other is not.  In other words I feel like I’m getting screwed in the rear constantly lately.  (I’m aware I completely butchered the joke. Sorry.) I’d like to blame it on external factors, and say it’s just a slump I’ll pull out of, but I know it isn’t.  I’m just not focused lately.  It has become hard to sit down and put the effort in that I need to.  The consequence is me losing a shit-ton of games, which would be fine if I were working on something in particular, but I’m not.  And therein is part of the problem, I’m just playing not practicing.  I’ve been treating SC2 as a game, not as something on which to work harder. Letting this blog go so long without updates, not working on specific areas of my game, playing in less than super-focused mode, are all symptoms of my original failing that I”m trying to fix by playing for this year.

I’m still loving Starcraft, don’t get me wrong.  I have just gotten myself into a bit more of a spectator mode.  State of the Game, Day9, DjWheat, and all the tournaments (IPL3 is great) pull for my attention.  Tonight, after watching IPL for about four or five hours, I was tempted not to play at all and call myself good for the day.  It would have been perfectly okay at the beginning of my year, I think I did it for a day during an MLG, but not now.  Yes, all of this is great and the game is amazing to watch, but I want and need to get better.  It’s like I have to keep kicking myself to do what I know I should do.  My focus has to be my play, not just the game.  I don’t want to be incredibly lazy by White-Ra’s standards (see the last SoTG).

I had an idea the other day that I’d like to share.  It comes with some bad news, which pisses me off but spawned this idea.  Okay, now I’ll go ahead and say it, instead of just talking about it.  I’m still doing it, aren’t I?  First, I can’t go to MLG Orlando.  Scheduling at work screwed me (one co-worker out with surgery, another already had vacation taken then), and I’ve been trying to figure a way to still go before saying anything about it, but I honestly can’t get out of work for that long.  My idea, however, is to go to an MLG at the end of the year and compete.  Whichever one is closest in date and location to June 8th.  I’ll take about 10 days of vacation, practice non-stop, and go play.  I don’t care if I’m still platinum or whatever then, just the fact that I have to play with people watching.  I also liked the idea of having a sort of test at the end of the year.  I’m still unsure how to go about doing this, or if I could even get in, but it is kind of a fire lighted under my ass to get better for the end of year.  I don’t want to embarrass myself to badly.  I don’t even know if I’ll do it as LeTemps (I don’t want people to think I’m an attention whore), but it would be more meaningful if I did.  Anyways, that’s my idea.  I’m going to let it sit for a while and decide next week if I’ll do it.  Jesus, it’s scary just thinking about it now.  I need to practice so much.

Starting tomorrow I’m going to go back to streaming two hours every night.  I started to get back into that, then out of it when I got some BM that pissed me off (I deserved it, but felt like I was getting kicked when I was down), but I won’t let it get to me anymore.  This week, my night off will be Monday, as I have to travel that night for work the next day.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about my games lately.  Suffice it say, my play feels like an unfolding lawn chair.  If I scout, I don’t have creep.  If I make units, I don’t have drones.  I’m just missing so many little things that it’s all adding up.  So for this week, my focus is returning to scouting.  I’m going to learn the timings and scout to know what’s coming.  I don’t care if I have no units to defend, I will at least know what I’m facing.  My notebook is too empty, I need to rectify that by putting some actual work into it.

Goodnight and GLHF.



I didn’t play yesterday and instead watched what was left of MLG last night when I got home from work.  I really enjoyed it and I was getting excited as I was watching the games.  Sitting on the edge of my chair, cheering on Idra (Idra playing with Day9 casting makes me strangely giddy) and then Huk (that Jaedong guy was scary good, but I think Huk was just off those games from tiredness).  I am actually currently watching the VOD of today’s matches and trying to write this update.  I am officially scared of hellions and nukes.  But seriously, these tournaments are awesome.    It’s made me want to figure out a way to use an old HTPC I have as a stream box so I can watch these tournaments and streams on my TV.  I already envision a Yo Dawg scenario where I’m playing SC2 with a match on the television.

I played tonight and it was more of the same.  I am continuing to work on spending my minerals, which did slip a bit today.  But overall my game sense, I guess you would call it, is growing, which allows me to play a bit smarter.  Not much else to report and I want to get back to watching a few matches.  I promise after MLG is done I will go back to doing in depth posts.

Goodnight and GLHF.