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Also, An Interview

I was wondering why my blog got so much traffic the other day, and after some searching (Y U NO SEND ME EMAIL?), I found out an interview I had done is up over at the forums. In the interest of keeping things updated, I figured I’d point on over to it, here.

As a little side note, I initially had a few requests about interviews and hosting my blog on other Starcraft II sites.  The blog hosting I wasn’t into for the simple fact that I didn’t want anyone thinking I was plugging something or someone I wasn’t (I also couldn’t really vouch for something I knew nothing about when I had first started) and that I didn’t want to try and make money off of this year.  It seemed to kind of obfuscate the point of the year to try and make money off of it.  So, I didn’t really go along with it.  Also, most of them seemed kind of tangential (TIL that’s not spelled like genitals) to the actual SC2 hobby.  Interview wise, I didn’t like the idea of talking about myself.  I actually turned this guy down originally, but felt bad about it.  He seems like a genuinely nice person trying to get a few credits in and was excited about my year, so I went along with it.  It is really well written and I hope to see more from him in the future.