A Year of Starcraft II

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I liked the single use of the hard consonants in the comment left on my previous post so much I used it as my title (:p).  I agree, it’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog.  I’m still playing, streaming even.  I got away from streaming for a few weeks, taking kind of a break.  It allowed me to just play retardedly for a while and I enjoyed it.  But streaming again feels good. I’m going to try and stick to the usual schedule, from midnight until around 2 each night except Tuesday for the next 3 months.  That’s all that’s left.

The last 9 months have gone by very quickly.  And yet it feels like I’ve been playing Starcraft forever.  I am actually surprised I still enjoy it, still laugh at the BM, still get pissed when I miss-micro and a bane pops 1o of my lings or cloaked units catch me unawares.  Each game is so different, it doesn’t get boring.  I think my only problem was giving myself the goal of making it to Masters.  I think I secretly believed (I guess we all do) that I’m better than I actually am.  I’ve not resigned myself to gold, but feel good just for playing and am not worrying about promotion.  I’m not pulling a Naniwa and throwing games because I “have to play”, but am not so down on myself with each loss.  I learn something each time, win or lose.

I’ve been sticking with 14/14 for the most part in all of my match-ups the last month or so.  It works to keep off the fast rushes (if I catch them), and doesn’t stunt my economic growth either.  In ZvP, I’ve been using Leenock’s 10 Roach Rush to great effect.  It is a fun build that, to learn and get down pat, I used in all the match-ups for a few days.  That was actually hilariously fun.  Vs Terran it is horribly inferior.  I may have won two against opponents who just weren’t ready.  The rest held it off easily and probably laughed when I GGed out.  It is also useful vs some Zergs.  Roaches just aren’t used that much in the early game lately.  I do believe that when I started they played a much bigger role in early ZvZs.  I actually prefer it to banes because I don’t have to worry about my crappy micro tripping me up.  “Oh, you have five banes?  Sure, throw them at my roaches.  lol”  I have to be quick with the hydras after I have the roaches, though, or else mutas will slaughter me.

The consensus on the games I put up for review was two things that I agree with and am trying to work on:  Macro (SPENDING) and Teching (TIER 3).  In games that go on longer than around 10 minutes, both of these problems hit me hard.  Floating thousands of minerals and still being on tier 2 units hurts me badly in almost every match-up.  My goal is to be on tier 3 by 15 minutes if possible.  This helps somewhat with spending, but getting those expansions up will help more.  Also by 15 minutes, I should be on at least 4 bases, if not 5.  If I find myself hemmed in, I will throw down a macro hatch or two to be safe and pump units.

So, until next time (shooting for every Saturday update until the year is up), GLHR.  😀

Oh, and a fun stream I’ve been watching and thought I’d promote a bit: inVader’s from Bronze to Masters.   He’s pretty interesting to watch and is already in Gold (I know the feeling).