A Year of Starcraft II


As I look back on my week+ of scouting, I know I’m doing better.  I’m doing each of the scouting pokes that I know to do in almost all of the games.  It has helped my game play immensely and, like I said, a great deal in an economic sense as well.  I drone more now, in addition to getting upgrades quicker, I think.  But as I finished my games tonight, I was struck by a situation that I realized happens all too often.

It was in the mid-game of a match vs. a Protoss, and I had poked in with a few mutalisks, to do some harass and see what was up.  I took out a few probes and was then chased out by stalkers.  After watching the replay, I realized I had seen his multiple warp gates ready in his main, but it didn’t actually register as I played.  He pushed soon after, I repelled and pushed back, only to be met by a large group of 2-2 stalkers.  It was pretty much lost there, as my mutas had been lost on his push and I only had +2 attack on my roaches.  The point of all this was my not thinking about what I was facing.  And I realized I do this way too often in games.  I may be taking in all the information I can with scouting, but I’m still not trying to figure out what is actually going on.  I had also, in this game, seen an extra forge, so I should have figured on more upgrades also.

I’m not sure how to practice this, or even work on it, really.  It’s more of something I’ve become aware of and have to focus on myself.  I should keep asking myself questions about what my opponent is doing, what I’m doing, and what could happen.  Someone said that I should always be asking, “What can kill me here?” and work off of that.  It’s really another thing to add to my mental checklist, a thought process rather than a game mechanic.

I’m going to keep the scouting as a focus for this week, I know I can work on it more.  I will also endeavor to think about what I’m seeing, rather than taking everything at face value and just being happy to see what my opponent has at that moment.



One response to “Mindset

  1. slacker October 19, 2011 at 9:37 am

    To get myself to actually think about what I see, I actually talk out loud to myself while playing.

    “I’m going to poke in here with my mutas. Ok, forge and 4 gateways. That’s 2 forges and 6 gates total, meaning to expect a huge timing push with lots of upgrades.

    Look at all of those stalkers pushing out my mutas. Hydras would rip that apart, and I don’t see colossus tech yet. Time for roach hydra”

    Basically, it forces me to actually talk about and digest what I see.

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