A Year of Starcraft II

It’s been a while…

I keep trying to make myself sit down and write one of these each night, but, alas, the internet and other games always call to me.  I have not missed my nightly Starcraft II, however.  And, as I near four months, I’m actually kind of proud of myself.  I can’t name something I’ve spent this much time on in the last five or so years.  So, instead of jumping from interest to interest, I’m sitting here close to Platinum in Starcraft II.  It feels so good to keep working at something and see the results.  I don’t win every game.  Hell, there are days when I only win a couple.  But it’s always fun and I almost always learn something.

At times it seems knows what I need.  The past few days have seen me playing a steady stream of Terrans, the match-up practice I sorely needed.  I’ve gotten better.  Not a lot, but, still, better.  And while I cursed the three 2-rax bunker rushes in a row, knowing what to look for and when to pull my drones is a good feeling. And having a late-game plan now vs Terran gives me something to shoot for, even if it doesn’t always work.  I have actually started doing a pretty heavy ling/bane/ultra mixture (The ling/banes from one of the pro games I saw on gomtv a while ago.  The ultras just because I like them.).  In the mid-game, I will get 8-10 mutas to harass and take care of any dropships or expos if I can.  It feels very fleshed out now, when before I would just kinda throw down something to see if it works.  Even if this doesn’t work, or isn’t the best mix, I feel confident in putting it together, if that makes any sense.

I took a day off this week from my normal macro play and just went mass ling, with some banelings thrown in to bust down walls if needed, in all the match-ups.  The goal was just to kick some ass.  It worked surprisingly well.  This wasn’t even a six-pool or anything, but a 13 or 14 pool, depending on the match-up.  And I have to say it was pretty fun busting into bases and winning early.  I may throw a cheese build for a day into my rotation, simply to have fun.  I also think this makes me work on my battle micro.  When 20 lings are running around cannons and trying to get into a main, I have to focus or they get caught up in the maze and die.  This, to me, seems like good micro practice.

Day9 continues to entertain and educate me on alternating days of play.  Funday Monday, Newbie Tuesday, and the pro game reviews have all taught me something.  And watching him dance to that song he loves on, I believe it was, last Monday’s live pre-show was hilarious.  Having everyone start up the youtube video at the same time was inspired and hilarious.  I look forward to my days off of work so that I can catch the live show, which is a lot of fun.  Watching him play the demo of Diablo III was fun too.  (The game looks great, I wish I would have signed up for the beta.)

My goal for last week kind of got sidetracked.  I don’t know if I lost focus or just forgot, but I am still working on keeping track of my opponent’s expansions.  Knowing when to grab my third or fourth, or when I’m behind, is important and will lead to better play, so I see the point of it.  I’m still working on when to check, or when to send lings to hang out.  Early game is pointless, I’ve found, so moving it to mid-game, where I can also scout with air if I have it, will be my focus for now.  Perhaps check every two minutes after five?  I’m not sure, but that sounds about right.

That’s it for tonight.  GLHR.


5 responses to “It’s been a while…

  1. Johan September 24, 2011 at 3:20 am

    It’s not too late to sign up to the Diablo 3 beta. Login to your account on the website. Go to you account and click beta profile settings on the right. Run that system specifications program and fill in that you are interested.

  2. Han Siang Phua September 24, 2011 at 11:02 am

    Theres the “expand every X minute” rule (of course everything is situational, but its a general rule, if you dont expand by then, you should be either gearing up for an attack or a tech route, if you expand earlier, you’re going for an econ advantage) for different races if you’re playing macro game apparantly, you can look up the logic in that.

    Just keep having fun!

  3. ZiggyD September 26, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    Instead of checking every x Minutes as Zerg I think the best thing you can do is just always have an Overlord or Zergling at each of your opponents likely expansions. The cost is minimal and you will see expansions, troop movements and sometimes you will even catch a worker as it tries to build the expansion. I have trouble against Zergs that do this, especially when they get cheeky and incorporate burrowed lings or overlords putting down creep.

  4. Panda September 27, 2011 at 5:28 am

    Diamond here, I’ve noticed that even when I time my 2-rax bunker rush play, zerg only fails when he does not immediately place down a spine crawler as soon as your FE (fast expand) completes, try this, seeing as how you’re platinum now I’m going to assume your drone and fe timings are near perfect so be sure to place down that essential spine crawler as soon as your hatchery is done! GLHR! (what does the R stand for?)

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