A Year of Starcraft II

Becoming A Better Gamer

I’ve been working on supply the last two days, and I have to say it is going well.  It is kind of funny how much easier the games go when I’m focusing on not getting supply blocked.  Keeping it at the top of my Pay Attention To list is really stepping up my game.  No more getting caught without units when my opponent starts to move out because I need two more overlords.  Nope, I can drone and then grab those units when necessary.  Also as a side benefit, I’m checking minerals more, because, hey, it’s right there next to supply.  Bonus!  So, yeah, actually having fun with my little rule for the week.  I have still missed some overlords, yes, but I am getting better.  Hopefully after a week it will be ingrained.

I started a new kind of schedule, playing and streaming for two hours one day, the next day watching a video for one hour (a Day9 Daily) and then playing for an hour without streaming.  We’ll see how this works out during the current week and I may keep it up.  Takes some of the pressure off, I think.  And it gives me more of the learning and studying aspect I’ve been looking for.

Today’s video was Daily #194 about Zerg droning.  It really gave me some things to think about and I tried to put it into practice in today’s games as I was focusing on supply.  I may drone a little longer now, perhaps too long to go by some of my losses, but I will keep this in mind as I play from now on.  I will try to go through and find all the Zerg dailies and watch them.  The next one I think I will watch is one suggested on reddit where Day9 coaches DJwheat.  Probably all of the Newbie Tuesdays will be beneficial to me.  I haven’t watched one yet that hasn’t taught me something (triple negative?).

Goodnight and GLHF.




One response to “Becoming A Better Gamer

  1. soundasleep September 6, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    The DJWheat coaching video is really interesting. 🙂

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