A Year of Starcraft II

Quick Update

I’m really not in the mood to be writing this, but figured I should at least put down a few thoughts on the last two days.

I can finally feel a little more of a progression in my game the last couple of days, today especially.  With some help, and a lot of play, I have really worked on Spending and Scouting.  It is not as often as before that I hit over 1000 minerals unless the game drags on and I hit 200/200.  As a result of this, and the scouting, I have been steadily winning more games.  Supply is still an issue.  I can’t keep my focus on it for whatever reason.  I end up supply blocked, make 6 overlords, then get supply blocked in five more minutes.  I keep yelling at myself to do them in time with inject cycles, and it works for the beginning (for the most part), but goes downhill after about 85 supply or so.  I’m not going to add or subtract anything from my focus, the 3 S’s remain.  I want to get it all down well before I move on.

I started a new build I have been playing with and am liking.  I didn’t get it from anywhere, but I’m sure it’s been used before.  I do 13 gas, 14 pool, 15 hatch on all of the match-ups (usually).  It works surprisingly well.  I can’t tell you why it works, but I started doing it to have ling speed earlier, and still get my hatch up relatively quick.  Also, on a lot of the games, there is a point early on where I throw down a macro-hatch.  I don’t have a set supply point that I’m shooting for, but generally, before an evo or roach warren, I will throw down the hatch when I get to 300-400 minerals.  It comes with some hassles, like I have to be sure and drone enough after doing this, but I think it is helping me deal with early aggression.  Writing it out like this, I’m wondering if it really is helping.  I mean, the pros go through so many builds and have them down to a science.  I do something, it works, and I keep doing it.  It could, conceivably, be not helping me at all and I’m just getting lucky.  How does one know when a build actually works?  If I had a set supply for everything up to 50 and did that over and over again, and it still worked?  I guess that is the thing to do.  Write out exactly what I’m doing, and when, and keep trying it and adjusting.  I’ll have to analyze a few replays and see when and how I’m actually doing all that I’m doing.

Okay, now my head hurts.

Goodnight and GLHF.



6 responses to “Quick Update

  1. slacker August 22, 2011 at 8:12 am

    Good stuff. Seems like that build of yours is a version of the Speedling Expand, which was originally popularized by Sheth I think. It’s pretty versatile.

  2. bajowa August 22, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    While this guide was written for ZvP, this build works just fine with adjustments in every matchup. Before I switched to terran (low masters zerg), I used to speedling expand most ZvZs and ZvPs as well as in ZvT on 2-spawn maps.

    I believe your build accomplishes the same thing, but this is just a more economically optimized variation.

    gl hf

  3. scudst0rm August 23, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    try building overlords with your waves of units, once you get to 2+ hatches with synchronized larva inject cycles.


  4. Anon August 24, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Not too much of a fan of people who build a lot of overlords at a time – it’s the zerg equivalent of queueing units. A really bad habit. A nice tip I learnt from day[9] to prevent supply blocks is to really analyse the shit out of them.
    Load up a replay of yourself and note exactly when and where you get supply blocked.
    Then find a reason why.
    Create a mental trigger for that situation – perhaps after scout his front with lings I will check my supply in this case. Perhaps a more general case of everytime I inject I will check my supply.
    As for macro I recommend playing a game with the sole intention of spending your money. That is 90% of your attention dedicated to macro. You’ll find yourself doing A LOT better. Then do a few games for creep spread etc.,
    “I mean, the pros go through so many builds and have them down to a science. ” – this isn’t completely true. I remember NonY being asked about his plans/builds for Courage (huge amateur broodwar tournament) and him responding with the Bruce Lee line “ water.” However that is extremely high level stuff. I recommend focusing on the supply blocks, money spending and creep spread.

    Cheers 🙂

  5. Namaztak August 24, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    I’m stealing your build just for ZvZ because I can’t seem to figure anything else out. 😀


  6. loki August 27, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    I think the key is as long as the build order doesn’t have huge holes, then keep using it. Don’t worry about the build order, focus on mechanics and macro. Changing build order is easy, but building solid mechanics is the hard part, and it takes practice.

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