A Year of Starcraft II

Playing and Watching (Not as dirty as it sounds)

So, all in all, I’ve watched a crapload of the tournaments this weekend (LiquidSheth is awesome, those 3 best of 3s vs Select were exciting as hell) and played I think over 40 games.  I am currently sitting at the #1 spot in my silver league and playing golds 90% of the time.  It is driving me crazy that I haven’t been promoted yet, but I can’t play anymore tonight as my head is literally pounding, maybe from staring at the computer for so long.  I had to literally tear myself away to go eat when the Blizzard tournament was on today.  But, holy shit, a tournament stream you can actually pause!  Greatest invention ever!  It was great with Day9 casting and all the exciting games.  I felt bad for Huk, but I do have a new Zerg player to follow in Sheth. I was sad to see Idra get dropped out of both Blizzards and the IGL (I think it was called).  Although his “f*ck you” was hilarious.

My own playing is progressing, albeit slowly.  I probably win 60% of my games, usually long, drawn out macro heavy games.  I don’t have the ability to just kill them early, I guess because I’m not cheesing much.  It is very rare for me to cheese, I have to be pretty bored or annoyed to throw down a six-pool.  I’ve been working on my timings for the first 15 supply and do well when I focus on just that.  If I try to keep a drone alive or kill a probe, I’ll forget to fill my gas or throw down the pool at the right time.  It is going to take some more work, so I am going to keep working on this specifically.

I will be off the next two days.  I’m going to put two week’s worth of days off together so I can help a friend move.  I will be back playing on Tuesday night and will resume the stream that I didn’t do yesterday or today.  I just wanted to focus on laddering (when I wasn’t watching tournaments) and sometimes having people talking about and to me is distracting.  It’ll all be back up on Tuesday night, so until then, Goodnight and GLHF.


4 responses to “Playing and Watching (Not as dirty as it sounds)

  1. OSJP August 14, 2011 at 6:45 am

    “sometimes having people talking about and to me is distracting” –
    Slap on that busy status and don’t respond to messages when you want to get your game on (Blizzard should really add an invisible mode/appear offline mode so you don’t have to feel like a dbag when you just want to play w/o talking to anyone).
    Being nice to everyone all the time can be stressful… make sure to have a ragefit once in a while 😀

    Congrats on #1 silver (you played like 5-6 consecutive hours of 1v1 starcraft… that’s pretty nuts man lol). You’re starting to beat gold players now so you should be promoted to gold in another 10-20 games (assuming you don’t have a bad string of losses). Take care of your hands/arms when moving… gonna need those in gold league.

  2. howard August 14, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Keep at it man!

  3. Chris August 15, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Your old 7 roach rush could still be effective if you felt like applying early pressure without cheesing. This would also give you an opportunity to learn how to transition out of it if it failed, instead of foundering like you used to do.

    • Chris August 15, 2011 at 10:33 am

      Oh, to be clear, a 7 roach rush is definitely all-in at very high level play, but at silver/gold/plat/diamond you can totally transition out of it. I ran into a diamond player the other night who said he always opens 7 roach rush in any matchup, and has various transitions if the rush doesn’t kill the player.

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