A Year of Starcraft II

Slugging It Out

It’s been a few days since an update here, and once again I find myself apologizing.  I feel bad for not updating this as often as I should.  I know that the faithful readers out there deserve it, and I know I should do it simply to coalesce what I’ve learned in one place. But it’s incredibly hard after having a few hours of fun playing SC2 and then doing nothing but trying to think of something to say for two hours and writing this.  Reddit calls, and other things beckon, and I simply put it off until the next day.  So, again, I will try to make this at least an every other day thing.

I am still learning a lot about Starcraft 2.  There’s so much going on at once, I don’t think I’ll ever get it down.  Lately, I’ve been focusing on spending (still, yes) and scouting.  I also spent a few hours throwing myself up against a Protoss 4-gate.  Damn is that a scary build.  Done right, it is fierce.  A kind of modified Spanishiwa build seems best to counter it, at least with a crapload (4 or 5) of spines with it.

Spending wise, one game will go great, but the next I’m back up in the thousands.  I think my goal, from here on, is to never have over 1000 minerals at one time.  Once at 200/200 I don’t know what to spend on except for upgrades, but by that time I should have most of them.  I guess I can dump them into others I won’t really use or throw down multiple macro hatches.  I may make an exception for any game that reaches that point though.  I’ll have to work it out as I play.

Scouting I also spent a few hours on, to a little bit of success.  VS Protoss, which I practiced most on, I can do fine.  Most builds are easy to spot and the gas is a tell-tale sign of what they’re doing.  Terran, though, is harder and needs more work.  Overlords, though, are harder to use vs Terran.  But I guess that’s really if they’re going heavy bio, which will tell me that anyway.  But, still, I need work on it.

I feel like I’m flailing around, though, to be honest.  It’s hard to know where to go from here.  I’m hovering at the top of my Silver league, which is great, but I’m not improving much.  I’d say that my mechanics alone are getting me there right now.  Sitting at 90 APM can be a huge advantage vs a 50 or 60, it seems to me.  And I believe that makes up for my lack of solid macro and micro.  Well, that and the little bit of game sense I have right now.  I may be beating myself up for nothing, I don’t know.  I just realized I’m not even at two months yet.  That’s in four days.  So, in two months I’ve gone from complete noob to actually doing okay.  Wow, that makes me feel better about all of this.  With a little more focus and study I can pull myself up.  I can do this.

I guess that’s it for now.  Streams are here. Goodnight and GLHF.



9 responses to “Slugging It Out

  1. Henk de Slager August 4, 2011 at 3:34 am

    Thanks for the update! Love reading them.

  2. OSJP August 4, 2011 at 3:39 am

    2 months and you’re almost back in gold. That is pretty solid improvement. If you find yourself at a loss on how to improve, ask for help. There’s plenty of people here willing to help. Doing well man, keep at it.

  3. slacker August 4, 2011 at 7:38 am

    As Day9 said, up until about 120, APM is not about how fast you can do things, but rather what you remember to do. When you remember to get that evo chamber + spore early when you scout a sentry-free toss or bunkering terran, when you remember early upgrade, or see to throw down that macro hatch when your minerals are at 500, etc, THOSE make your APM go up. I know that whenever I remember to do a bunch of these things, my APM goes from 80 to 100, easy.

  4. Hank August 4, 2011 at 9:22 am

    Actually if you are at 200/200 you should attack soon, so you want to save your money (as much as possible) to reinforce after the engament as fast as possible.

  5. Jaegs August 4, 2011 at 11:29 am

    If you are having trouble spending your money what you should do is make a plan for the game. Decide what you want to try to do in the opening minutes to win the game and try to work towards that goal. Then in your head you always know what you are working towards and can time things out. When I started out I would do 1-base timing builds because I wasn’t fast enough to handle 2base income 100%. Once I had 1base timings efficient I tried other builds. Eventually you get used to spending all of your resources and by the time you are masters you have macro engrained as a sort of second nature. The key for me was starting small and moving forward only once I had reached the full potential of my 1base plays.

    Stealing builds that pros use is a great way to learn this as they provide a working system that you just have to emulate as best you can.

  6. Joakim August 4, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    What every SC2 needs the most to improve is inspiration and passion. I can only speak for myself and I see huge differences when am an inspired player on a “mission” to improve and those days when you sit like a mindless zombie grinding games, basically learning nothing. What I want to say is I guess is that getting good at SC2 is just as much what you do when your not playing and your mentality as it is about playing the game. What routines can you change in your everyday life (when not playing starcraft) to make those hours playing more rewarding? Example: If my basic human needs arent meet be it to little sleep, hunger lack of social stimulation, i play like shit. If am quite satisfied i play okey. If I had a blast all day, made new friends etc.., and basically “more high on life” I play like really well with full focus. And more importantly I develop as a player.

    Just my two cents, hope you find a use for them 🙂


  7. Dustin J August 4, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    Keep at it man! You’ve gotten much better than when you started from the sounds of it. And never forget to have fun, despite how well or poorly you may think you’re doing at any given moment.

  8. Claus August 5, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    If you find yourself without knowing what to write about, maybe you can just give status for your recent games: wins/losses, goals set for each games, goals reached. By keeping yourself writing, you end up writing more naturally.

  9. DL August 7, 2011 at 2:02 am

    Do you have a practice partner who does 4-gates or is there a custom map to practice against? I have certain builds in mind but not sure how to practice against them.

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