A Year of Starcraft II

Quad Tournament Results & More

I started today off with a tournament I found on reddit, a Quad tournament.  It wasn’t a planned thing to join up.  As it turned out, the guys running it knew my backstory and decided to stream my first matches.  NO pressure.  They only did the first two (LQ streams in links- by the way, I was not stream cheating.  It was brought up occasionally, and my opponent even answered a question asked on the stream I discovered.  Apparently it’s common.), I guess they had problems with stream and most likely were bored to tears watching bronze leaguers play.  It was a fun experience.  I went 4-5 in the games, taking 2 off the first matchup, and one each off of the other two.  I didn’t do as badly as I thought I would, coming in 3rd in the quad I was in.

A word on the tournament setup and how it was run now from someone who has never played in one.  The guy running it seemed overwhelmed.  I can understand.  It has to be a pain in the ass to deal with 50 people when you’re expecting like 20.  He did a lot better than I would have.  I probably would have just said screw it after everything started piling on.  So good on him for sticking with it.

The whole quad setup was confusing.  There were six people in my group, I only played three.  I guess I should have understood this at the beginning, but for some reason I couldn’t get my bracket to show up right on the webpage.  Likewise, the whole when do we start, what maps do we play thing didn’t go smoothly.  I couldn’t find, after seeing it once, where the first maps for each round was.  I think I was just overwhelmed with all the games.  In my last matchup, I was sure I had played three games already, but had only played one.  Nine games in a row like that is mind boggling.  I don’t know how players do that and more at tournaments with all the pressure too.

The guy running it knows that everything didn’t go great, and has asked reddit for some advice on how to keep the tournament running smoothly.  If you have some ideas, here’s the post.  But I will say thanks for putting it together ChairYeoman.  It was fun and I will try to play in as many as I can.

For anyone interested, here are the replays:

Round 1 VS sudoscience – Match 1, Match 2, Match 3

Round 2 VS coinophero – Match 1, Match 2, Match 3

Round 3 VS cubone – Match 1, Match 2, Match 3

I played a number of other games tonight, a few ladder and some customs.  I was working on three things today.  Getting my lings to the watchtowers and keeping them alive, focusing on the minimap for as much of the game as possible, and getting my bases saturated in the correct way with the right amount of workers. I didn’t do these in the tournament much, which was really just a fun thing to do after my plans for the night were cancelled.  (So Starcraft is now my entertainment of choice when bored.)  But in the rest of the games, I really focused on these tasks and improved a lot.  Base-wise, I no longer put 30 drones on my first base and leave 10 chilling on my natural.  Doing this correctly also lets me know, I discovered, when I should expand naturally if I don’t have to fend off attacks.  So macro wise I’m moving on up.

I was usually keeping my lings at the watchtowers, forgetting a couple times, but have yet to save them when attacked.  This also points to me not looking at the minimap enough.  If I was, I would see my opponent’s units moving into vision and be able to move the ling in time.  When I get this right, I should at least be able to save the lings some of the time.

I know the minimap is important, yet its hard to focus on it.  When I do, I have better games, like the second game match vs sudoscience.  The casters even commented on my map control (in between telling me to get a damn overseer).  I only had that because of the lings task and my habit of sending overlords to different mineral patches to keep an eye out.  So, the tasks my coach is giving me are all working towards better play for me.  I realized this last night and today proves it well with my not getting 0-9ed in the tournament.

That brings to another long day of Starcraft II to a close.  Goodnight and GLHF.





2 responses to “Quad Tournament Results & More

  1. HTMC July 3, 2011 at 5:01 am

    This is actually one of the unexpected ways that watching streams/VoDs has helped out my actual gameplay. I also for a long time had a lot of trouble paying attention to the mini-map, but in VoDs you obviously have no control over the map, and if you want to have an idea of what’s going on on the map besides what’s on the main screen, you have to check the minimap fairly constantly. Obviously this isn’t always quite as true on VoDs where there’s usually a commentator, but especially on PoV streams this is very true, for me at least.

    On another note, congrats on the tournament results! It must be nice to be feeling such rapid improvement; I know for me it’s been much more slowly, and only in hindsight. I’m a little jelly 😛

  2. ChairYeoman July 3, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Hey, its ChairYeoman, the organizer. 😀

    Sorry for the confusion and the crappy stream; we were planning on streaming all 3 of your Round 1 games, but our stream was having problems, as you could probably see in the VoDs you posted. I also quickly realized that I would not have been able to input results while also streaming my games, so it took a while to get the stream back up with somebody else streaming; I apologize for not streaming the rest of your games. I also apologize for my co-casters; they were not seriously suggesting that you were streaming cheating, its just a joke that people make.

    The original plan was to have four people in each Quad, but since I had 50 entries, and 50 is not divisible by four, I bunched together the bottom six people, and you were included in that group. This was a poorly-done last-minute fix of an unforseen circumstance, and I promise that it will not happen again.

    I apologize for the poorly-done tournament, and I promise that I will improve for next time. However, I would like to thank you very much for speaking kindly of me, and I hope to see you Friday at the next Quad. 😀

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