A Year of Starcraft II

First Day of Ladder Play

I had a few issues with the stream tonight.  For some reason, the updated version of Xsplit doesn’t start into the last settings that I had it on.  So when I had to restart it, it didn’t do anything at all.  The next time I restarted it, it started without video and the stream watchers were treated to just a black screen and audio.  Sorry about that.  As luck would have it, the game that wasn’t recorded at all was a fifty-four minute game vs. a Terran that I won.  I was proud of the game and was disappointed it wasn’t recorded.  I do have the replay, so here that one is- replay.  I deleted the black screen video, the other two that actually worked can be found here.

I started tonight with less of a build and more of general plan.  Build, build, build, and keep my minerals low.  I didn’t stick to the plan all the time (I know my minerals hit 1k a few times), but I was trying.  And I was having fun with it, trying different supply points to build different structures.  It didn’t work very well, but I was at least learning what not to do. In the first few games, I kept attacking early and losing my initial units.  I was then in a bad place when my opponent counter attacked.

After yesterday’s matches, a big piece of advice I was given was to wait for the initial push of my opponent.  This gives me time to build, get a good base of units and get supply up.  If I defeat the push, I should then attack.  If I survive only barely, I should keep building and switch up what units I have depending on what I’ve scouted and what they hit me with.  Tonight, I for some reason kept attacking.  Even if I didn’t have enough units, I still wanted to attack.  If I was attacked, I would send the units I was making one by one to their death.  Big mistake.  I guess I get impatient, but I will work on this more.  This does make scouting even more important, I’ve been told it is a big part of Zerg play anyway, but it seems like a good plan.  I will try to keep this in mind tomorrow, and not attack all the time.

Looking back over the replay of the long game vs. Terran, I think that I did the wait and build without even thinking about it.  If I had attacked with the force I had after I repealed the second push (I had a number of roaches left), I think I could have won the game right there.  What took so long on that game was that he had Planetary Fortresses.  My roaches would die quickly to those, and so it took a lot longer to clean up the game.  And I know he thought it was funny to make me keep chasing him.  I would have thought so too, if I hadn’t kept thinking he was playing some masterful game and almost ready to come and kill me.

All in all a good day of ladder play.  I had fun, won one (I’m not counting the guy who had lag and didn’t stay past about 5 minutes), lost four and learned a lot.  I’m really liking being able to just play games.  It is really addictive too.  I’m off tomorrow and already wondering how many games I can play.

Goodnight and GLHF.


7 responses to “First Day of Ladder Play

  1. Matt June 26, 2011 at 8:11 am

    In the long game, in your attacks I noticed you moved your whole army in indiscriminately. You would have been better off moving in the roaches to destroy the turrets and THEN bringing in your invincible mutalisks.

    Or you could have used units better-suited to taking out a fortified position. Brood Lords, Banelings, perhaps Ultralisks. Constant unit production is good but one Brood Lord could have (very slowly) ended the game for you with no chance of dying.

  2. Yeison June 26, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    You can rally both of your hatcheries to the same mineral patch. This will help you build up a strong economy quickly. It’s very easy to do if you already have your hatcheries in a control group. Just select that control group, and right click the minerals.

  3. Yeison June 26, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    Also, congratz on gold, keep up the awesomeness!!

  4. Mauricio Romano Ibarra June 27, 2011 at 2:39 am

    Keep it up man, even if i dont comment every day i always check when i get home from work

  5. Derp June 29, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    I noticed in the replay that you went straight for his PF Command Centers instead of going for the SCVs (which, in their numbers, only ended up repairing the CC faster than you could damage it), which I think was the biggest flaw and probably what drew out the game so long, especially as seeing in the latter half of the replay, your opponent managed to keep most of his SCVs and expanded to various parts of the map. Unfortunately for him, he saw fit to build too many missile turrets, completely ignored unit production, and built about 3 engineering bays before even deciding to put down his first barracks post-main destruction; your army of roaches and ‘lings could have easily overwhelmed if you had chosen to attack at that moment.

    But, nonetheless, it was a great match, and you’re doing well.

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